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Done with Minecraft? Want a different game for free?

Every month I discover a ton of free, full version game offers like the one here for Minecraft.  Often times these are Beta keys, or simply a developer giveaway after a game has reached its prime.  I am seeing this a lot with MMORPG games lately dropping their monthly subscription fee and making the game Free-To-Play and having advanced loot and items for paying players.

This week one of my all time favorites has been put up for a free download, the classic first installment of the Roller Coaster Tycoon series by Chris Sawyer.

Check out for an awesome write up and review on the new Free Version of Roller Coaster Tycoon or click the link below to download directly yourself.

This is only on for a limited time so hurry up and install your copy today!

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Minecraft for XBOX360 Receives Patch 1.7.3

Good news for XBOX360 Minecraft players – the latest patch/bug fix (1.7.3) has been released and addresses a number of minor annoyances and graphical disturbances found in gameplay. This update solves several piston-related issues — eliminating piston crashing at the edge of the 2D world, piston operating issues on chunk boundaries, flickering active pistons, and crashes caused by performance (thread safety) restrictions due to piston activity.

Some of the graphical/operational corrections made include the elimination of reduced performance caused by lighting issues, and the removal of the “raining indoors” graphical glitch. Also, fire can now be displayed in the third-person view, making this gameplay angle much more relevant.

In addition, the developers corrected several sound and menu related issues, most notably, removing the annoying button-pressing sounds that rapidly sound off when a character is rotated in the “Skin Select” menu. Likewise, the incessant sound effect that plays during the entry of sign text is no longer an issue, and thunder is now audible. The leaderboard scoring display has been corrected to align player scores in proper order. Finally, a consequence of one bug fix that some players may not like is that it is no longer possible to select a locked skin if it is located next to a free skin.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Achieves Record Sales

Minecraft took its place next to the Call of Duty franchise as two of the most played titles on Xbox 360 With over one million copies sold, Minecraft is now the most successful indie-hit game for Xbox Live Arcade. Overall, for all the systems more than 9.2 million copies were sold of Minecraft so far. However, if you still need to know how to get Minecraft for free for PC or the Xbox 360, head to the home page for more info.

PC version of Minecraft still strong

Even after the release of the Xbox Live Arcade version, the PC version of Minecraft remains strong. Today, Marcus “Notch” Persson announced now that now more than six million copies were sold for the PC. And if all sales brought in on the Android platform, IOS and XBLA are combined then the ten million mark is not far off.  If only these customers knew how to get Minecraft for free.  Currently there are more than 9.2 million copies sold over all platforms, it said Daniel Kaplan (Business Director at Mojang).